• Need partner for CCIE Security studies

    Hi- I have started studies for CCIE Security. Looking for partner group so that we can study all together. I am based out at Pune, India. I am planning to attempt the lab in May. Please let me know.
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  • CCNA R&S Study Group - Proposals

    Hey Guys,   First, thank you for showing such interest. Honestly, I never expect to receive many responses, but this is the Cisco's magic.   The proposed dates and times are as follows: A- Date/Time 1- ...
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  • Intermediate System to Intermediate System: The Other Link State Protocol

    Intermediate System to Intermediate System, commonly abbreviated IS-IS, and unfortunately often attributed without the hyphen, began as a research project at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1986 as part of a suite of...
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  • ASA to Firepower Migration Tool: Lesson 2: Migration Tool Demo

        Lesson 2: Migration Tool Demo   Presented by Harneet Virk and Steven Marin.   Cisco Firepower Migration Tool         Lesson 1: What is the NGFW Migration Tool? Lesson 2: Mig...
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  • other good learning sites

    there are other guide learning site   https://learning.oreilly.com and https://www.udemy.com/ccnasecurityvideobootcamp/   are but two that i use
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  • Can someone please help me?  I can't activate because salt master rejected..

    WTF!!!  Over a month and no help.  OK Cisco you got my money this time....   Help!!!   Testing Connectivity to: [ us-1.virl.info => ] >>>> us-1.virl.info Connection...
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  • No hay enrutamiento - Topologia multivendor

    Saludos. Tengo problemas para enviar tráfico en la siguiente topologia: De una pc en la vlan 414 el tráfico debería llegar a Internet 1 y los servidores. LLega a los servidores pero un ping a 8....
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  • NAT Overload problem on a 2951 router

    I have been trying to solve this 3 nights in a row and still can't figure out. When I ran a debug I got something like this :   "ipnat api , outtranslated address and port common, out->in want IL,OL"   ...
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  • Static routing without next hop IP in Ethernet.

    I have a static route configured something like this :   ip route G0/0  As you notice I did not give a next hop ip address. I understand Ethernet is a broadcast media and requires...
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  • Study partner? CCNP ROUTE

    Hi!   Have a little over 5 years of networking experience. I currently hold A+, Sec+, CCENT, & CCNA. Been having trouble staying on track for my CCNP Route studies. Anyone else trying to obtain this cert with...
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  • Port security on trunk ports

    Hi,   Can "switchport port-security" be applied on 802.1Q and ISL trunk ports? And does DTP affects in applying port security on trunk ports?.   In the above Odom's book example, it shows that it ca...
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  • The Cisco Learning Network on the Jive Mobile App

    Stay connected to The Cisco Learning Network community while on the go with the free Jive Mobile App. Check your profile inbox notifications and content streams, create a new discussion thread or join an existing one...
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  • Passed ICND1. At least two questions not covered in the certified study guide

    Hi everyone, Usually i don’t do this kind of thing but i got really curious whether this is normal or not. Recently i passes my CCENT (ICND1) test with 900+ score. However, i was surprised to see that two of ...
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  • VIRL installation issue

    I tried installing and running VIRL (mac) by following these steps listed for Mac   But when I launch UWM, it says “Maintenance mode on”   Tried these steps to disable the maintenance mode, but i...
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  • Passive interface confusion

    So I have my home network set up like this. Not the best but hey. My scenario is as such. I have SecureCRT set up on my Lab PC in the 172.16.3.x network. I have a session for my 3 routers Core (via, P2R1 (10...
    Deshawn F.
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  • Has anyone taken the 300-115 SWITCH exam recently?

    I'm preparing to take the exam and I'm feeling pretty good about it, but I've not taken the exam before. I'm just wondering if people could share their thoughts on their exam experience. Did you encounter what you exp...
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  • CCDE Service Provider Practice Scenario

    Hello all   I created a study material (practice scenario) in order to help out others on their CCDE journey , as well to raise money to pay for my lab attempt.   Thanks in advance and hope you will like i...
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  • Routing and Switching Topics with Narbik Kocharians: Lesson 3: Redistribution Methods

      Lesson 3: Redistribution Methods In Lesson three, Narbik Kocharians continues his demonstration of using MPLS and Layer 3 VPNs by recommending a one way distribution, then running a debug on the first custome...
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  • Very beginner subnet question

    Hello,   My instructor states that if you want to create multiple networks out of a subnet mask you burrow the host bits. I keep getting some questions wrong on this pretest regarding the number of usable networ...
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  • Passed CLDFND Today

    I took the official instructor led CLDFND course and it was great, but the marterial in the book does not line up with that of the exam...I saw about 1/4 of the exam that was outside the scope of the courseware and th...
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